2023 Annual Report



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It is also one of the key factors needed to establish a centre of excellence in any given specialty. Environments that encourage innovation and knowledge translation, have reputable clinical teams that are recognized nationally and internationally and access to the best technology are sought after as the medical training grounds for the future. For Calgary, this means that the best and the brightest in their field build their lives here and our patients receive more interdisciplinary and comprehensive services by teams

with proven track records of success.

Attracting the best and the brightest is a driver to building centres of excellence Support for new and state-of- the-art surgical procedures and technology is critical in expanding the depth and breadth of health care services that can be offered to patients. Removing barriers to innovation and encouraging bright minds with entrepreneurial thinking challenges the status quo and creates environments that produce better patient outcomes.

Patient Spotlight

Calgary has a history of supporting pioneers in areas such as business, technology, agriculture and oil and gas. As a community we have an appetite to attract new ventures and incubate talent. Through donor support, we are looking to embrace this thinking as we look to tackle some of health care’s biggest challenges today and into the future. Leaders in their field have to establish their roots somewhere. Why not Calgary?

Building trauma-informed wrap around support When moments that feel like despair, become moments of hope

Donors accelerate change New surgical techniques build opportunities for the future

Thanks to the generosity of donors, new equipment including holmium laser technology, prostate enucleation endoscopes and prostate tissue morcellators were purchased to develop this program. These upfront resources will not only improve the safety and outcomes of prostate care in Alberta, the need for re-treatment down the road is significantly reduced compared to current treatments.

In Calgary we are establishing a comprehensive benign prostate database which will be utilized to answer exciting novel research questions and continuously assess and improve patient care. Launching this HoLEP program in Calgary allows our urology team to contribute to an exciting state-of-the-art area of current research.

Rockyview General Hospital will also be a destination for teaching medical students and urologists across the province about this guideline recommended approach to prostate care.

Heavy weighted footsteps towards a barren cold room. No place to sit, to be comforted or to sooth your anxiety. It was a choice you made to come here because you desperately needed help. The moment’s that felt like rock-bottom don’t compare to now; to here… That’s how Eve remembers feeling when she entered the emergency psychiatric hold room – her family desperate to be by her side, but unable to hold her hand because there was no chair. Just concrete.

Since her early 20s Eve had an ongoing struggle with anxiety and depression. But then life started to move quickly: Eve became pregnant with twins and then her girls were born prematurely and needed critical care. When they were home and it was like a honeymoon with family and friends coming to see the girls, and the girls growing, and then celebrating their first birthday and walking, and… One night, the enormity of it all hit Eve like a freight train. They almost lost one of their daughters

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