2023 Annual Report



Financial Summary: Revenue

Financial Summary: Revenue

Financial Summary 2022-2023 Net Fundraising Revenue $24,714,905

Donors build community and impact through events

Calgary Health Foundation is committed to transparency in our reporting. Our Finance & Audit Committee of the Board ensures that we continue to operate both efficiently and effectively, while pursuing opportunities to grow our organization’s impact for our donors, our community and health care. We report financial information in two ways; Audited Financial Statements available on the Foundation’s website (calgaryhealthfoundation.ca) and through filing the Registered Charity Information Return (T3010), which can be found on the Government of Canada’s website. While both formats utilize the same information, the Foundation’s Audited Financial Statements provide a better detailed assessment of the organization’s performance.

Fundraising Efficiency Calgary Health Foundation raised $909,751 per each full time employee for net fundraising revenues of $24.7M showing that our small team is able to effectively work with donors in ensuring a big impact.



Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women puts women’s mental health at the forefront of the conversation. Thousands of runners and walkers gather in support of the 1 in 5 women who will face mental health challenges in their lifetime. The 2022 hybrid event raised $190,000 for the Women’s Mental Health Clinic and trauma-informed care right here in Calgary!

The Great Italian Wine Encounter was better than ever with almost 18 wine makers from the most notable wineries in Italy. Net revenue of $98,000 will support the advancement of precision medicine for complex autoimmune disease and the development of a new Glomerulonephritis (GN) clinic that will support research and multidisciplinary collaboration.

9.7% Annual Programs & Other Donations

Lotteries (Net) Events (Net)

57.9% $ 14,321,394

6.7% Bequests

57.9% Lotteries (Net)

2.4% $ 23.3% $ 6.7% $


Major Gifts Bequests

5,758,936 1,648,937

23.3% Major Gifts

Annual Programs & Other Donations

9.7% $


2.4% Events (Net)

$ 24,714,905

Our fundraising vs. lottery revenues Calgary Health Foundation raises money through two streams of business: our fundraising activities, which are benchmarked to industry best practices, that inspire the community to make philanthropic donations in support of our mission; and our charitable lottery revenues which are raised through our three lottery programs – Foothills Hospital Home Lottery, Hospital Home Lottery and WinWin staff lottery. Our lottery programs have a great return on investment. They are essential to our overall success and make up 57.9%, or a net of $14.3M, of our total fundraising revenue. We continuously evaluate the return on investment of all of our lottery programs. The expenses of these programs include the purchase of prizing and program marketing. We are proud to say that we run some of the most efficient lotteries in Canada.

Gross Lottery Revenue $35,415,055




It was an ace for the Ellis Don Golf Tournament supporting the Newborns Need campaign for the redevelopment of Foothills Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)! The teams raised over $107,000 to support critically-ill and premature newborns.

The Tiny Footprints Gala again brought together families with shared experiences around pregnancy and infant loss and many who support them. The event breaks stigma around loss and dedicated more than $23,000 to support the care for families facing loss.

A fashionable night for an important cause at the Country Hills Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show with the NICU graduates as runway show-stoppers. The event raised $53,000 in support for critical equipment for the NICUs.


$13,281,286 Prizes


$7,812,375 Other Expenses


$14,321,394 Net Revenue

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