2023 Annual Report



Message from our Leaders

Message from our Leaders

Some of our major fiscal highlights over the past year include:

Message from our Leaders

A transformational $10M gift from the Taylor Family Foundation brought us over the finish line of our Newborns Need campaign.

We made more than 200 commitments to varying initiatives across all four hospitals, Carewest long-term care centres and community health programs.

We raised more than $14.3M in net proceeds from our two home lottery programs, Foothills Hospital Home Lottery and Hospital Home Lottery, and our internal staff lottery, WinWin.

Building our health care system to meet the demands of tomorrow while addressing the gaps today is a primary objective, and the support we have received over 26 years demonstrates the momentum we can build upon. The work that our staff is doing will impact every person and every generation. So, we thank you — our donors, partners, staff, and volunteers — for supporting the ideas, large and small, that advance health care rapidly. We strengthened our partnerships with organizations committed to enabling excellence in health care, including, but not limited to, Alberta Registered Nursing Education Trust (ARNET), the City of Calgary, the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine, and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

How can we build the innovative health care system we will need tomorrow, today?

The answer is right in front of us. It is only by working together that we can be both forward-thinking and resilient.

Murray Sigler President & CEO

Sandy Edmonstone Board Chair

Community involvement allows the best minds with the best ideas to address gaps, spur change and challenge the system to improve and deliver optimal outcomes. We chose Building Together as Calgary Health Foundation’s guiding theme and call to action. We strive to proactively help build a future where a visionary health care system centered on patients and families is at the heart of our decisions for the great community we serve. To do so, Calgary Health Foundation is committed to working with our community stakeholders, partners and all levels of government. The demand for health care continues to grow across all spectrums, including age, complexity and frequency of illness, and evolution of disease,

but the opportunities in front of us outpace such demand. It is an exciting time for the Foundation, having just completed Newborns Need, the largest fundraising commitment the Foundation has ever independently made. Looking beyond this successful Newborns Need campaign, the current state of health care is informing what we prioritize to build our organization to have the impact needed. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, we supported the extraordinary teams caring for patients, clients and residents by raising $24.7M. The ability to make investments that disrupt the status quo has led to remarkable discoveries and progress.

“Your support of Calgary Health Foundation means that together we can build opportunities, invest in health care excellence and support ideas that disrupt the status quo and push the boundaries beyond what anyone thought possible.” Sandy Edmonstone Board Chair, Calgary Health Foundation Don and Ruth Taylor celebrate their $10M commitment to the Newborns Need campaign alongside Board Chair, Sandy Edmonstone.

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