2023 Annual Report



Looking forward

Looking forward

Calgary Health Foundation is fortunate enough to work across the spectrum of disease, through the continuum of care, and on projects that touch every age group. Health care is the one thing that will impact everyone, and our donors are looking to us to help them make investments that are personal and meaningful. That’s how our donors are shaping the future of health.

But, there are some topics that feel so big they need a bit more discussion, a bit more focus and a bit more spotlight to accelerate progress. Calgary is home to some of the best and brightest medical minds in the country and we are proud to be their partner in taking some of the biggest opportunities and accelerating change.

Looking forward Building the future of health care, today

Here are six areas where we are building momentum that will transform the future of medicine:

Mental Health Raising hope: Where healing begins

Women’s Health Addressing In-EQUALity in care

Canada is facing a mental health epidemic, with 1 in 5 Canadians experiencing a mental illness in any given year. Improving addiction and mental health capacity and patient outcomes in the AHS Calgary Zone requires a multifaceted approach across the continuum of care. Extensive waitlists for community-based services contribute to patients deteriorating and presenting to the emergency department for urgent care. Additionally, those discharged from hospitals may not be equipped well to access the services they need quickly to thrive in the community, resulting in readmission or escalation of support needed.

Over 50% of the population identifies as female, yet only 8% of grant funding from Canada’s main research funder (2009-2020) was dedicated to female-specific outcomes.* As the foundation of a family’s overall health, it is important that women have access to quality care that can lead to improved health for children and families. The health of families and communities is no doubt, tied to the health of women. However, even though women make up half of society, their unique health needs have not received equal attention, funding or advocacy. This gap has led to significant harm for women across the globe, in terms of delayed

diagnosis, medication tragedies, poorer outcomes, and reduced access to surgical care. While the inequality of care for women is gaining attention across the country, Calgary is in a unique position through its attraction of world-class talent to lead the establishment of a robust Women’s Health Centre of Excellence that will change the narrative for women well into the future.

With the generous support of the community, we won’t have to wait or prioritize initiatives to ensure that the growing community relying on mental health support receives the best care possible when they need it. Because when our loved ones need it, we want to ensure they receive nothing less.

* National Institute of Health

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