2023 Annual Report



The people we serve

Building holistic views on health care

The people we serve How do we build opportunities that will lead to serving our community better given the growing demand for health care services? Below are highlights of the ways our community needs and the pressures on our health system are changing. These are things we need to consider to inform investments in care.

Building holistic views on health care We believe in taking in the full picture by seeking inputs that allow us to gain a 360 degree perspective on some of the biggest challenges the health system faces. Then we can zoom in and elevate and accelerate change.

Calgary Zone serves 1.5M People 5X the province of PEI

Albertans with at least one chronic health condition 30%

New residents per day 62

Our support covers three critical areas that are supporting patients today and seeking to change the narrative tomorrow:

Estimated Calgary metropolitan rate of growth 2

75% for Albertans over 65+

Care How can we advance the opportunities at the bedside for patients today?

Wellness How do we promote health and prevent the progression of illness and disease?

Research How can we better understand disease and the precision needed to treat it?

Our aging population: 14% of Calgarians are over 65+*

It is estimated that by 2031, 1 in 5 Albertans will be 65+

Women were 1.9x more likely to report moderate to severe anxiety (2020-2022) 3 .

The most substantial increase is anticipated over the next 5 years 1

With our unique model of investment, we can ensure that donor dollars are used for investments that will maximize impact. Supporting our hospitals, care centres and community health programs allows us to be at the centre of a complex system and help to facilitate collaboration, input and dollars in the most transformational way.

471.5K Emergency Department Visits

204.8K Urgent Care Visits

1.95M Ambulatory Care 4


Long-term Care in partnership with Carewest

Community Health

2021-22 [2.5M]

2021-22 [451.5K]

2021-22 [180K]

• Prevention • Harm Reduction • Care in Community • Vulnerable Population Support • Primary Care Partnerships

• Foothills Medical Centre • Peter Lougheed Centre • Rockyview General Hospital • South Health Campus

• Long-term Care • Supportive Living • Alternative Level of Care • Day Programs • Sub-acute Rehabilitation and Recovery • Community Programs

143.8K Hospital Discharges

17.4K Births

100.9K Main Operating Room Activity

2021-22 [17.6K]

2021-22 [96.9K]

2021-22 [139.4K]

1 City of Calgary website 2 City of Calgary Economic Outlook 2023

3 Mental Health Commission 4 Medical treatment without hospital admission

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